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The Third Terrorist by  Jayna Davis


"This fascinating product of Jayna Davis' near-decade of brave, thorough, and dogged investigative reporting effectively shifts the burden of proof to those who would still contend that McVeigh and Nichols acted without the support of a group or groups from the Middle East.


When the final stories of these two incidents (1995 OKC bombing and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) are finally told, those who permitted these investigations to stop short will owe big explanations to these two brave women (journalist Jayna Davis and author Laurie Mylroie). And the nation will owe them a debt of gratitude."

R. James Woolsey

Director of Central Intelligence, 1993 -'95

The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis

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The Third Terrorist  is among the most important books ever written in our country's history.  It provides overwhelming evidence that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was an act of terrorism against the United States -- and not merely a criminal act by a couple of disgruntled right-wing nuts. And it points toward a White House cover-up that one day will be recognized as the first, catastrophic step on the road toward 9-11.


Jayna Davis deserves to be acknowledged as one of the finest -- and bravest -- investigative reporters of our age. The job she's done in The Third Terrorist  is just stunning,”






Herb Meyer

Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council, Reagan Administration.

The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis

"This is a must-read for anyone trying to figure out what our government has been doing (or not doing) for the past decade to  protect this country from international terrorists.  Jayna's book will chill your blood then make it boil.


The American people deserved the truth and the Bureau needed to look into this Middle East network in Oklahoma City. If they had, maybe they would have come upon the network behind the September 11 attacks.”

Dan  Vogel

FBI Special Agent, 1975-2000

Media Coordinator, Spokesperson  OKC FBI


The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis


"In 2011. the government myth that the international manhunt for the third terrorist was based on mistaken identity was shattered. FBI declassified reports document that Terry Nichols, the only surviving Oklahoma City bomber, confessed, "John Doe 2 exists."  Nichols restated the shocking truth about a third bomber in a May 2005 prison interview with U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.


Then came another startling admission - Nichols stated his belief that the 1995 bombing that claimed the lives of 171 Americans was a "Middle Eastern" terrorist operation. When Representative Rohrabacher inquired about the multiple eyewitness sightings of Timothy McVeigh with Iraqi soldiers in Oklahoma City,Nichols candidly conceded that the central theory presented in the book, The Third Terrorist, "could be correct."

Terry Nichols

Convicted Oklahoma City Bomber

The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis
The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis

"There is contained in this book not one fact, not one allegation, not one accusation, not one conclusion that is not supported and corroborated by evidence sufficient to constitute proof in a court of law. My respect and admiration for Jayna Davis and what she has accomplished is unbounded.  She is, without question, the finest and most thorough investigator that I have ever known, and I have known literally thousands.


It is my honest opinion that if the Department of Justice had not ignored Jayna Davis and instead accepted the mass of creditable evidence compiled by her, indicating direct Middle Eastern involvement in the bombing, the course of future events may have been altered.  Had those investigators taken their duty seriously and followed up on the investigation of that information, it is entirely likely that the Twin Towers would still be standing."




David P. Schippers

Chief Investigative Counsel/Prosecutor

Special Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee

1998 Impeachment Trial of President Bill Clinton




"With enormous skill, courage and persistence, Jayna Davis pursued the foreign terrorist connections to this tragic attack on the federal building in Oklahoma.


Now her fast-paced book reveals the facts that the Clinton administration did not want to confront. This is a must-read for all who want to see beyond the headlines."


Dr. Constantine Menges

Fmr. Special Assistant to the President for National Affairs

National Security Intelligence Officer, CIA.

The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis

"With the publication of this fascinating account, Jayna Davis will be recognized for what she is: an outstanding journalist willing to risk everything - her career, her financial security, even her life - to discover and illuminate the facts about foreign complicity in the murderous 1995 bombng in Oklahoma City.


Thanks to her book, these facts can no longer be ignored or concealed. And those who Ms. Davis reveals have systematically done both for nearly a decade will be called to account."



Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

President for Center for Security Policy

Fmr. Assistant Secretary of Defense

The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis


"The outstandingly-researched and painstaking original field collection of data from primary sources is overwhelmingly conclusive.

(The Third Terrorist) establishes the longstanding Iraqi, Iranian, and other Islamist cooperation in attacks on U.S. targets."

Greg Copley

Editor of Defense and Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy Magazine

The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis


"Jayna Davis possesses all the best qualities of a true professional journalist: a talented investigator with patience, tenacity, integrity, and whose instincts are to puruse the story until all the pieces of the puzzle fit.   The Third Terrorist is a fascinating true accouof an audacious cover-up--ongoing to this day--and a reporter's determination to pierce a carefully crafted stone wall."

Wes Vernon

Veteran Broadcast Journalist

Columnist Renew America